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Boots kick black









Look it here my dear friends
Do you see the world becomes black
Do you see thoose dirty hands
Pressing on the my white neck

Are you ready to black invansion
You must say - Yes, of coz!
It is time for termination
The co-existence is over my force

Boots kick black
Monkeys get back
If you white - you all right
Boys of skinhead
Kickin' black bad
If you brown - you'll fall down

Look it here my dear friends
The world becomes the yellow kong
Do you see theese trading bands
- Yeah! This shit doing so long

Yeah, theese bustards more than us
But they will eat the ground
If we will each other trust -
One million yellow corpses arround

Boots kick meat
Monkeys eat shit!
If you white - you all right
Boys of skinhead
Kicks yellow bad
If you're viet - you will dead

Another force will join the people in future time
There is no colours, no nation, no signs
The Judgement Day second coming arrive
Before you'll dress in white - you must die!

[слова - Макс И., музыка - "Putrid Lady", "Slayer".]

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